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Big Moves to Small Cities

Ohio was ranked among the top relocation destinations in the US in 2020. Three cities Miamisburg, Springfield, and Huber Heights took marquee billing. These small cities offer big-city amenities with quick access to Cincinnatti, home of Proctor and Gamble as a key employer.

Don't blink now but homeownership in these Ohio locations hover beneath 200,000. There are open-air and green spaces and welcoming communities. A major change from smog-clogged metropolises of the east and west coast. People are finding solace in smaller city America where events are dressed down rather than dressed up and people tend to follow trends rather than set them. So what does this mean for makeup and cosmetic companies and their marketing strategies?

Here are the cold hard facts: Makeup sales were down 17% third-quarter 2020 over 2019, topping out at $3.7 billion according to NPD. Selfcare products, like body lotions, creams, and facial treatments were up by 17%. Do-it-yourself beauty also experienced a lift. Mckinsey shines a brighter light on the industry's future reporting in 2020 that the beauty industry is typically resilient. Case in point there has also been steady sales for makeup basics such as mascara, brow products, and skincare.

Other trends include a focus on "clean" products and an increase in online shopping. Before Covid, the majority of makeup sales were made at beauty counters. Retailers who want to see a profit will need to pivot from focusing solely on tastemakers but to seek out the beauty requirements of slower-paced communities. How can this be successfully done?

  1. Makeup is highly desirable but pared down. Eyelashes are focal points but heavy contouring may be out. The key is to understand your customer. BUILD A PERSONA

  2. Do your research. As shoppers switch to online purchases, understanding what they are searching for is more and more critical. DO YOUR RESEARCH WITH THE CORRECT TOOLS

  3. Stronger calls to action and great copywriting that persuades and empathizes with your customer. GREAT WORDS CAN ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS.

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